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Solving following simultaneous equations, 4x - 5y = 17 and x - 5y = 8, we get
There is no value of x that can simultaneously satisfy both the given equations.Therefore, find the ‘least squares error’ solution to the two equations, i.e., find the value of x that minimizes th
Methods to solve a pair of simultaneous linear equations are
Solve simultaneous equations 13x - 6y = 20, 7x + 4y = 18
Four friends, A, B, C and D got the top four ranks in a competitive examination, but A did not get the first, B did not get the second, C did not get the third, and D did not get the fourth rank. Who
Given the equations  y = x2 - 4x - 5  and  y+x = -1, one point that satisfies both equations is
Solving equations (x + y)⁄3 = 3 and (3x + y)⁄5 = 1 gives

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