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5.In the following problem, '=' stands for '÷' , '+' stands for '­' , 'x' stands for '=', '­' stands for '+' and '÷' stands for 'x'. Find the correct equation
In the following sequence of instructions, 1 stands for Run, 2 stands for Stop, 3 stands for Go, 4 stands for Sit and 5 stands for Wait. If the sequence were continued, which instruction will come nex
When the mail server sends mail to other mail servers it becomes _____
What protocol(s) is(are) allowed a user to retrieve her/his mail from the mail server to her/his mail reader
The first term in a sequence is 1 and the second term is 5. From the third term on each term is the average (arithmetic mean) of all preceding terms. What is the 25th term in the sequence
If * stands for 'addition', / stands for 'subtraction', + stands for 'multiplication', and - stands for 'division', then 20 * 8 / 8 - 4 + 2 =
Term e-mail stands for
The file that is linked with an E-mail and sent to the receiver of the E-mail is referred to as ____
Most mail programs automatically complete the following two parts in an e-mail ________

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