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If farmers want to improve their yield, they must use organic fertilizers in place of chemical fertilizers Assumptions:  I. Chemical fertilizers have certain ill effects on health  II. Chemical fe
Which of following is used in manufacture of fertilizers and explosives
Acid used for manufacture of fertilizers and explosives is
Which of following is used in manufacture of many chemicals, drugs, dyes, paints and explosives
If nitrogen is main element of fertilizers then fertilizers are classified as
Study the followings related to uses of plants and identify the correct match for the sorghum and cotton respectively.I. Blood purification and organic fertilizer.II. Animal feed and paper industryIII
Which of the following substance is employed in making explosives
It is used to make fertilizers, lead-acid batteries, and in many industrial processes and is called
A manufacture undertakes to supply 2000 pieces of a particular component at Rs.25 per piece. According to his estimates, even if 5% fail to pass the quality tests, then he will make a profit of 25%. H

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