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To squeeze toothpaste or press a lift button we apply
The retail price of a toothpaste of 140 grams is Rs 40, the shopkeeper gives a toothbrush whose actual price is Rs 10, free with it and still gains 25% . The cost price of the toothpaste is   Options
Statement:Please do not use lift while going down- an instruction on the top floor of a five-stores building.Assumptions:I. While going down the lift is unable to carry any load.II. Provision of lift
In a 12-storey house ten people enter a lift cabin.It is known that they will leave the lift in groups of2,3 and 5 people at different storeys.The number of ways they can do so if the lift does not st
A spring balance is attached to the ceiling of a lift. A man hangs his bag on the spring and the spring reads 49 N, when the lift is stationary. If the lift moves downward with an acceleration of 5 m/
A body of mass 32 kg is suspended by a spring balance from the roof of a vertically operating lift and going downward from rest. At the instant the lift has covered 20 m and 50 m, the spring balance s
A life is moving down with acceleration a. A man in the lift drops a ball inside the lift. The acceleration of the ball as observed by the man in the lift and a man standing stationary on the ground a

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