Chord divides circle into

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A chord of length 16 cm is drawn in a circle of radius 10 cm. The distance of the chord from the centre of the circle is (in cm)
Chord divides circle into
A circle has its centre at O . A tangent drawn from a point P , which is situated outside the circle , touches the circle at A. If PA = 4 cm & PO=5 cm, then the length of the radius of the circle is (
There are two circles of different radii. The are of a square is 784 sq cm and its side is twice the radius of the larger circle. The radius of the larger circle is seven - third that of the smaller c
The number 3 divides ‘a’ with a result of ‘b’ and a remainder of 2. The number 3 divides ‘b’ with a result of 2 and a remainder of 1. What is the value of a
A circle halfway between north and south pole that divides Earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres is known as
In a Circle of Radius 5 cm if AB and AC are two equal chords of length 6cm each, then the length of chord BC is
Smallest part of circle divided by chord is called
Longest chord in a circle is known as

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