If an object is extremely dense, light

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If an object is extremely dense, light
If angle of incidence of light entering a dense object is zero, then light will
public Object m() { Object o = new Float(3.14F); Object [] oa = new Object[l]; oa[0] = o; /* Line 5 */ o = null; /* Line 6 */ oa[0] = null; /* Line 7 */ return o; /* Line 8 */ } When is the
When a wave is incident from the more dense into a less dense medium at an angle equal to or exceeding the critical angle, the wave suffers total internal __________
Entropies associated with an extremely unlikely message and that with an extremely likely message are respectively
When light strikes far edge of a dense object, it refracts
If light enters a dense object in angle of zero, it would
When light enters a dense medium, it leaves object from

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