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A rubber balloon permeable to all isotopic forms of hydrogen is filled with heavy hydrogen and placed in tank of pure hydrogen. After some times, the balloon will
A balloon containing methane is pricked with a sharp needle and quickly plunged into a tank of hydrogen at same pressure. After sometime, the balloon will
A balloon filled with 5g of hydrogen contains
A cylindrical balloon of 21 cm diameter is to be filled up with H2 at NTP from a cylinder containing the gas at 20 atm at 27°C. The cylinder can hold 2.82 litre of water at NTP. Calculate the number
A balloon filled with hydrogen will
Hydrogen and oxygen release enormous amounts of energy when they react. Yet, hydrogen and oxygen can be mixed together in a balloon and nothing will happen. Why
A balloon filled with helium rises in air because
Hydrogen causes a balloon to lift up in
A stone is released from a hydrogen balloon, going upwards with 12 m/s. When it is at height of 65m from the ground, time the stone will take to reach the ground is
Which one of the following would a hydrogen balloon find easiest to lift

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