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I could not recognize her voice on phone. (Which word is an abstract noun?)
Statements: Only good singers are invited in the conference. No one without sweet voice is a good singer. Conclusions All invited singers in the conference have sweet voice. Those singers who do
Which two of the following are legal declarations for nonnested classes and interfaces final abstract class Test {} public static interface Test {} final public class Test {} protected abstract class
A phone company offers 5 phone plan options: call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, conferencing, and caller ID. A customer can choose 3 options. The number of ways one can avail the plan options
In a survey it was found that 80% of those surveyed owned a car while 60% of those surveyed owned a mobile phone, if 55% owned both a car and a Mobile phone, What percent of those surveyed owned a car
At what time did Sonali leave her home for office?   I. Sonali received a phone call at 9:15  a.m. at her home.  II. Sonali's car reached office at 10:15 a.m.  45 minutes after she left her reside
Ayesha annoyed her mother by not listening to her. (Which word is a subject noun?)

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