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Flowers ___________ smelled pleasantly
Statements:All potatoes are brinjals.Some brinjals are spinach.All brinjals are flowers.Conclusions:I. All flowers are spinach.II. Some potatoes are flowers.III. Some potatoes are spinach
All flowers are toys. Some toys are trees. Some angels are trees Conclusions Some angels are toys Some trees are flowers Some flowers are angels
A true breeding plant producing red flowers is crossed with a pure plant producing white flowers. Allele for red colour of flower is dominant. After selfing the plants of first filial generation. the
A rabbit won\'t come ____ its hole until it has smelled the air for predators
In a certain code, 'nop al ed' means 'They like flowers'. Which code word means 'flowers'? I. 'id nim nop' means 'They are innocent'. II. 'gob ots al' means 'We like roses'
Considering wind pollinated and insect pollinated flowers, flowers that are pollinated by insects

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