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Iris has an opening at its centre which is called
The town of Bihar sharif remained important in medieval times as 1. a centre of trade 2. a centre of learning3. an administrative centre 4. a religious centre
Old design of coaches were all outward opening doors, presumably to provide more space for passengers, thus more revenue. But these a frequent source of danger to safe running of trains. Inward openin
The work index of a material is 6.25. If 80% of the feed and 80% of the product pass through IS Sieve No. 340 (3.25 mm opening) and IS Sieve No. 40 (0.42 mm opening), respectively, the power consumed
Radius of gyration of a body about an axis at a distance of 6 cm from its centre of mass is 10 cm, The radius of gyration about a parallel axis through its centre of mass is
The centre of excellence which specializes in reading the weather conditions of the spaceand helps the air traffic on their polar routes is scheduled to come up in which city and by when.The space wea

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