When an electron is added in valence shell then

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When an electron is added in valence shell then
If q is charge on an electron, R is radius of electron orbit and ω is angular velocity of electron rotation, the magnetic dipole moment of electron in orbit is
When an electron jumps from the valence shell to the conduction band, it leaves a gap. What is this gap called
Consider the following statements Acceptor level lies close the valence band.Donor level lies close to the valence band.n type semiconductor behaves as an insulator at 0 K.p type semiconductor behaves
Match the following: List I List II A.Copper1.produces discrete energy level just above valence bandB.Rubber2.produces discrete energy level just below conduction bandC.Antimony3.large forbidden gapD.
In a valence crystal, the valence electrons
Rest mass energy of an electron is 0.54 MeV. If velocity of the electron is 0.8 C, then K.E. of the electron is
In a shell and tube heat exchanger, putting a longitudinal baffle across the shell, forces the shell side fluid to pass __________ through the heat exchanger

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