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Harmful substance released by power plants and cars is
All dolls are windows.All bottles are windows.All cars are bottles All cars are windows some cars are dolls some windows are cars Which among the above listed are true
Statements: Some cars are jeeps. All the boxes are jeeps. All the pens are cars Conclusions: Some cars are boxes. No pen is jeep. Some boxes are cars
Statements: All dolls are windows. All bottles are windows. All cars are bottles. Conclusions: All cars are windows. Some cars are dolls. Some windows are cars
Weeds not only use nutrients from the soil but are alsoIIIII. harmful for some organisms including human beings II. useful for the crops and harmful for human beings III. harmful to the crops and some
Two cars X and Y start from two places A and B respectively, which are 700km a part at 9:00am.Both the cars run at an average speed of 60km/h. Car X stops at 10:00 am and again starts at 11:00 am whil
Eight executives of a firm drive their cars to their office. The office is at liberty to park his car in any one of the three fields. The probability that there will be 5 cars of the above executives

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