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To collect information and store them in computer in more than one inter linked files is called
To collect all information regarding a subject for any purpose and to store them in computer more than one interlinked files which may help when needed, is known as
In a cross linked polymer, the monomeric units are linked together to constitute a three dimensional network. Which of the following is a cross-linked polymer
Among M, N, D, P and K who earns just more than only the least earner among them? I. 'N' earns more than 'M' and 'P' but less than only 'D' II. 'M' earns more than 'P' who earns less than 'K'
Among M, N, D, P and K, who earns more than only the least earner among them ? Statements N earns more than M and P but less than only D. M earns more than P who earns less than K
Statements:Some files are not tubs.All buckets are tubs.Some files are mugs.Conclusions:I. Some buckets are files.II. Some files are not buckets.III. Some tubs are not mugs
A large computer information system maintains many different computer files. Which amongst them is called a perpetual file
If 3 workers collect 48 kg of cotton in 4 days, how many kg of cotton will 9 workers collect in 2 days

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